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      About Epivet e-mailing list: Epivet is administered and moderated by the Centre of Veterinary Epidemiology Research (CVER) at the University of Prince Edward Island. Epivet serves the community of veterinary epidemiology and related. The list members are mainly graduate students, post-doctorate fellows, research scientists, researchers and instructors/professors worldwide in the field of veterinary epidemiology. As a list member, you can post or receive an epidemiology related message or advertisement, such as course or workshop announcements, discussions about research questions, employment opportunities, via Epivet through your e-mail.

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      About Cver e-mail list: the Cver mailing list includes members of CVER (the Centre of Veterinary Epidemiology Research) and anybody else with an interest in CVER, e.g. past CVER members. As a list member, you can post or receive a message, such as event notices, course or workshop announcements, CVER news and information, employment opportunities, via Cver through your e-mail.

If you have any questions/concerns about any of these e-mail lists, please contact Jenny Yu at jennyyu@upei.ca