Epi on the Island Summer Courses 2024

The courses will be offered in a hybrid format. Participation will be possible both on-site and virtually. Early bird registration deadline is May 18. There is a 10% discount to register for both courses. A registration link will be added shortly.  

Module 1: Introduction to qualitative research
June 3 – 7

Instructors: Anne Marie Fitzgerald, Education, UPEI
Caroline Ritter, CVER, AVC, UPEI

Abstract: This five-day course provides an introduction to qualitative research, as it relates to animal health and welfare.  A blend of lecture and hands-on experiences will be presented including topics such as qualitative worldviews, approaches to qualitative research, and qualitative data collection and analysis.

Students will understand how to identify when a research topic requires a qualitative research approach and be able to select the most appropriate methods to answer the particular research question. Students will learn how to conduct qualitative research ethically and understand the importance of reflexivity.  During the course, students will practise designing appropriate research questions and will practise conducting in-depth interviews and participant observations.  Students will also begin to analyse their own data using thematic analysis and begin a qualitative report of their data.  Throughout the course, we will discuss strategies to ensure trustworthiness of the research process. Students will be introduced to mixed methods research.

The course will be directed to graduate students, health professionals, and researchers. Although not a requirement, participants are encouraged to bring research questions that apply to their areas of interest.

Module 2: Bioinformatics and Statistics in Microbial Ecology
June 17 – 21

Lead Instructor: Noelle Noyes, University of Minnesota,
with co-instructors (some participating online)


For each module, the following registration fees apply (amounts are in $Cdn and include taxes and administration fees).

Module 1:  Introduction to qualitative research (June 3 – 7)

Participant               Up to May 18th             After May 19th
Student*                        775                        875
Academia/Public Sector         1250                       1350
Private Sector                 1550                       1650 

Module 2Bioinformatics and Statistics in Microbial Ecology (June 17 – 21)

Participant               Up to May 18th             After May 19th
Student*                        775                        875
Academia/Public Sector         1250                       1350
Private Sector                 1550                       1650 

*Proof of registration in any degree program at a recognized university.


Participants will have to book their own accommodations. Below you will find information on places to stay by visiting links to our Tourism PEI website and on campus residences.  Please contact the hotel or residence directly to book your accommodation.

The Tourism PEI (http://www.tourismpei.com/index.php3) website will provide you with links to a variety of accommodations across the Island as well as information on places to eat, festivals and events and things to do during your stay.

The UPEI Campus offers residence rooms to conference participants. Choose from one of the UPEI residences, each with its own unique style and amenities. Residence accommodations include free parking, local telephone access, a bed linen and towel exchange service, and 24 hour security.

For further inquiries, please contact professor Henrik Stryhn at hstryhn@upei.ca.