Epi on the Island Summer Courses 2018

June 11 – 22

MODULE 1: June 11 – June 15
Introduction to Multilevel Modelling (schedule)
Instructors: Professors Ian Dohoo and Henrik Stryhn,
CVER, AVC, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)

The 5-day course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to successfully fit multilevel models to both continuous data (linear models) Dand discrete data (emphasis on logistic and Poisson models). The presentation of theoretical background material is limited to that which is required for a reasonable understanding of the methods employed. Specific topics covered in the course include: introduction to multilevel/hierarchical data, mixed models for continuous data, mixed models for discrete data, model evaluation (diagnostics), analysis of repeated measures and alternative approaches to dealing with clustered data (including Bayesian methods). The main software used for the instruction is MLwiN, but the code for fitting models in additional software packages (including Stata and R) will also be provided.

MODULE 2: June 18 – June 22
Multivariate Visualization and Analysis (schedule
Instructors: Crawford Revie, Gregor McEwan and Henrik Stryhn, CVER, AVC, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)

This 5-day course will introduce participants to a range of multivariate techniques that are becoming more commonly used in the analyses on large and increasingly complex observational epidemiological data sets. The techniques covered include: cluster analysis (hierarchical and partitional), multi-dimensional scaling and other network plotting methods, dimension reduction techniques (PCA, common factor analysis, and MCA), as well as a variety of tree-based and other approaches to classification in high-dimensional space. For all of these approaches, a strong emphasis is being put on the use of visualisation both to explore the patterns and associations within the data and also to aid in the interpretation of the modelled outputs. During practicals, participants are given the opportunity to apply these methods to course data sets as well as any own data brought to the course. We will use the Python programming and data analysis platform to introduce and work with the methods, with corresponding R code supplied for the main portions of the course.


For each module, the following registration fees apply (amounts are in $Cdn and include taxes and administration fees):

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Multilevel Modelling:

Participant                Up to May 4th             After May 4th

Student*                           700                               800

Non-student                    1200                            1300     

MODULE 2 – Multivariate Visualization and Analysis:

Participant                Up to May 4th             After May 4th

Student*                            700                             800

Non-student                    1200                            1300     

*Proof of enrollment in a graduate program at a university (not necessarily UPEI) required

A discount of 10% will be offered for participants taking both Module 1 and Module 2. In order to get the 10% discount for the two courses, be sure to go to Enter Promotional Code at the top of the Select Tickets window and type in 2weeks before going to CHECKOUT.

Cancellations before May 4th will be fully refunded except for non-recoverable fees associated with the registration system. In case of cancellation before May 27th, an 80% refund will be offered.

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Participants will have to book their own accommodations.  Below you will find information on places to stay by visiting links to our Tourism PEI website and on campus residences.  Please contact the hotel or residence directly to book your accommodation.

The Tourism PEI (http://www.tourismpei.com/index.php3) website will provide you with links to a variety of accommodations across the Island as well as information on places to eat, festivals and events and things to do during your stay.

The UPEI Campus offers residence rooms to conference participants. (http://www.upei.ca/conference/accommodations). The availability at the UPEI residence in June 2018 may however be limited due to concurrent events elsewhere on campus.

For the course participants, if you have any questions about the availability of the accommodations, public transport, and rental of cars or bicycles, or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at jennyyu@upei.ca.

For further inquiries, please contact Jenny Yu at jennyyu@upei.ca.

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, this summer!