Graduate Programs

The Department of Health Management and CVER offer graduate programs for MSc, PhD and MVSc degrees within the Atlantic Veterinary College. Program regulations can be found in the University Calendar, as well as under the Faculty of Graduate Studies. CVER-specific guidelines on the courses taken for MSc and PhD programs in epidemiology  can be found in a separate document.

An MSc program is usually completed within 2-2½ years, of which the first year is devoted mostly to coursework. A PhD program is usually completed within 3-4 years for students that enter into the program with an MSc degree. It is also possible to start in an MSc program and request a transfer to a PhD program after successful completion of 1-1½ years in the MSc program; the total program time then extends by one year.

Funding for support of graduate programs comes from individual research projects or external scholarships. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies within the group should contact a faculty member in their area of interest for possible sources of funding.

For inquiries about the graduate program within CVER, contact a faculty member within your area of interest, a current graduate student, or the CVER director.