CVER Coffee Social 2022

                                Monday Mornings @ 10:00 am

The CVER group has had a tradition to get together on Monday mornings at 10 am for an informal social with coffee and treats. During the COVID pandemic these meetings been organized virtually, but it is our hope to gradually transition them back to in-person meetings (in the HM seminar room 343N).
For the fall semester of 2021 and continuing to the winter semester of 2022, it is planned to use some of the CVER coffee socials for an epi journal club. Everyone is welcome to participate, and tentative dates for the journal club are indicated in the list below. Contact the journal club organizer, Dr. Beibei Jia (, or this document with instructions for further information about the journal club activities.
Please sign up if you’re interested in hosting a journal club discussion or a stand-alone discussion/presentation session, by sending an e-mail to Jenny Yu, The list below shows the currently planned (as well as past) sessions.

                                    ~ Everyone Welcome ~

Date          Coffee Host       Discussion/Presentation Topic and Leader
Dec   5           Emily M.        Journal club (paper to be presented by Emily); by Emily
Nov 21              Jeff D.        Farewell to Poo(former PhD) for her position at OIE in Japan
Nov 21     Thitiwich C.        Discussion to improve epidemiology/statistic experience
Nov 14          Beibei J.         Journal club (The problem with epi studies); by Javier
Nov 7        Landon W.        Discussion of CVER social activities; by Javier
Oct 31      Caroline R.         Social Media Initiatives; by Caroline 
Oct 17           Javier S.         Discussion of journal club; by Beibei
Oct 3             Beibei J.         CVER social; by Beibei
Sep 12           Javier S.         Welcome new students; ISVEE 16 feedback; by Javier
Aug 15           Javier S.         Meet visiting professor Gustavo Monti, by Javier
Aug 1          Mariana F.        ISVEE logistics, by Beibei
July 25          Elizah M.        ISVEE presentation practice, by Elizah
July 11           Beibei  J.       ISVEE logistics, by Javier & Henrik
Jun 27            Henrik S.       CVER social – HM seminar room 343N; Henrik
Jun 13            Henrik S.       Discussion local participation-ISVEE 16 conference; Henrik
May 30          Henrik S.       CVER Social; by Henrik
Apr 25            John V.          Presentation for BVDV by Daniel Muasya; John
Apr 11           Henrik S.       CVER social, by Henrik
Mar 28          Beibei  J.        Journal club (paper to be presented by Mariana F.); Beibei 
Mar 21          Henrik S.       CVER Annual General Meeting, by Henrik
Mar 14          Beibei  J.        Journal club (paper to be presented by Ana Jaramillo); Beibei    
Mar 7            Henrik S.       Stat models: reviewer scores for abstracts submitted; Henrik
Feb 28          Beibei  J.         Journal club (paper to be presented by Thitiwich C.)
Feb 14          Henrik S.        Discussion: CVER sponsor ISVEE 16 conference by Henrik
                                              Journal club paper 1 & paper 2 to be presented by Beibei
Jan 31            Beibei  J.         Journal club (paper to be presented by Annette B.) by Beibei
Jan 24            Ian D.             Group discussion & news updates, by Ian D.
Jan 10            Henrik S.        Preview CVER activities for 2022 – virtually, by Henrik S.