CVER News 2020

April – June 2020

  • Congratulations to Emily John who has successfully defended her PhD Examination;
    • Supervisors: J. McClure and M. Cameron
  • Congratulations to Jamye Rouette who has successfully defended her MSc Examination;
    • Supervisors: Kathleen MacMillan, Michael Cockram and Javier Sanchez

January – March 2020

  • Welcome Dr. Katy Proudfoot as an Associate Professor and Director of the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre. After completing her MSc and PhD at the University of British Columbia’s Animal Welfare Program, Dr. Proudfoot was a faculty member at the Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Her research focuses on the behaviour and welfare of dairy cattle, with a specific emphasis on understanding maternal behavior of cows before giving birth. She is also interested in creating sustainable solutions to surplus male calves from the dairy industry, and conducting scholarly work around teaching animal welfare to veterinary students. 
  • Welcome to visiting graduate students:
    • Passawat Thammahakin and Thitiwich Changtes from Kasetsart University in Thailand
    • Local supervisor: Javier Sanchez