CVER News 2018

June 2018

  • Congratulations to Emily Kathambi Kiugu who has successfully defended her MSc thesis
    • supervisor: John VanLeeuwen
  • Another great success – Epi on the Island 2018
    This year, the two 5-day summer courses, held at the AVC from Jun 11 to 22, were filled close to the maximum capacity. The participants were from the USA, Uruguay, Kenya and Sweden in addition to across the different parts of Canada.
    The first course, “Introduction to Multilevel Modelling,” provided the participants with the knowledge and skills required to successfully fit multi-level models to both continuous data and discrete data. The instructors were Drs. I. Dohoo and H. Stryhn of the AVC.
    The second course, “Multivariate Visualization and Analysis,” introduced the participants to a range of multi-variate techniques that are used in the analyses on large and complex observational epidemiological data sets. The instructors were Drs. C. Revie, G. McEwan, and H. Stryhn from the AVC.

  • Dr. Greg Keefe appointed to Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
    Dr. Keefe has been appointed to the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges’ (AAVMC) board of governors as At-Large Director for Region II (Canada). The AAVMC members include 49 accredited veterinary medical colleges in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Dr. Larry Hammell appointed to independent expert panel on aquaculture science
    Dr. Hammell has been appointed to an independent expert panel on aquaculture science, led by Dr. Mona Nemer, Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. The panel make recommendations on the appropriate use and consideration of scientific evidence in decision-making about aquaculture.

April – May 2018

  • Congratulations and farewell to Dr. Julian Reyes-Velez for his new position as a Health Analyst at the PEI Dept of Health and Wellness
  • Dr. Javier Sanchez appointed to international scientific experts panel
    Dr. Sanchez has been selected to be part of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meetings on Microbiological Risk Assessment Roster of Experts (JEMRA) for a five-year term. Dr. Sanchez’s appointment makes AVC the only Canadian veterinary college to be represented on the panel. Congratulations, Dr. Sanchez!
  • Dr. Alice Crook wins international award
    Dr. Crook has received international recognition for her work in animal welfare from the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and Ceva Santé Animale, a multinational veterinary pharmaceutical company. During the WVA’s 34th annual Congress on May 6, Dr. Crook was awarded the WVA Animal Welfare Award for North America. She is one of only five veterinarians world-wide who received the prestigious awards. Congratulations, Dr. Crook!

January – March 2018

  • Welcome to a new graduate student:
    • Marianne Parent, PhD in Epidemiology
      • Supervisors are Raphael Vanderstichel and Henrik Stryhn
  • Welcome to visiting graduate students:
    • Monica Cecilia Miraballes, from the National Institute of Agricultural Research in Uruguay
      • Local supervisor is Javier Sanchez
    • Yosdany Centelels García, from the National Centre for Animal and Plant Health in Cuba
      • Local supervisor is Javier Sanchez
  • Welcome to Jaewoon Jeong to UPEI and welcome (back) to Beibei Jia to UPEI. They have joined the CERC group as Post-Doctoral researchers in aquatic epidemiology.

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