CVER Coffee Social 2020

                                Monday Mornings @ 10:00 am

The CVER group has had a tradition to get together on Monday mornings at 10 am for an informal social with coffee and treats. These meetings are now organized virtually, and will be announced through the CVER e-mail distribution list. In the 2020 fall semester, we hope to have these virtual social gatherings (at least) every second week starting from September 14. Please sign up if you’re interested in hosting an informal discussion or presentation session (by sending an e-mail to Jenny Yu, The list below shows the currently planned sessions.

                                    ~ Everyone Welcome ~

Date           Coffee Host        Discussion Topic and Leader
Nov 9            Jette C.             Development in mink production around the world; Jette
Nov 9            John/Henrik     Continue to discuss: online stats & epi-teaching
Oct 26          Henrik S.          Stata Webinar registration &
                                               “New” audiovisual setup in Theatre A with a webcam
Oct 5             Javier S.            Discussion of CAVEPM and other events
Sep 28          John/Henrik     Discussion of online epi-teaching        
Sep 14          Henrik S.          Get together & Welcome to new students; Henrik 
Jul 27            Henrik S.          Follow-up on recent discussions; Henrik
Jul 20            Henrik S.          Discussion about CVER & social media; Henrik
Jun 8             Henrik S.          Discussion about the recent events; Henrik
Jun 1             Jason S.            Canine leptospirosis in Canada; Jason
May 11        Caroline R.        Staying visible – how to promote your academic work online,
                                               by Christian Nawroth
Apr 27          Javier S.            Things to do – Dealing with isolation
Apr 20          Crawford R.     RCTs in an age of pandemics and Fox News
Apr 14          Ian D.               COVID-19 Discussion
Apr 6            Ian D.               COVID-19 Discussion; Ian
Mar 30         Henrik S.          COVID-19; Javier(Do-file)
Mar 2           Mariana F.
Feb 24          Elizah M.
Feb 10          João R.
Feb 3            Marina D.         Graph record & Play in Stata; Javier
Jan 27          Javier S.             Coronavirus outbreak discussion  
Jan 20          Javier S.
Jan 13          John V.              ISVEE Discussion, Henrik