CVER Coffee Social – 2018

                       Monday Mornings @ 10:00am

On most Monday mornings the CVER and CERC groups get together for an informal social with coffee and treats. At some days a seminar or discussion will be arranged, usually starting at either 10am or 10:30am. Hope to see you there!

Date           Coffee Host        Discussion Topic and Leader
Oct 9            Javier S.
Oct 1            Javier S.
Sep 10         Ian D.                  CVER Epi Book  Give-away
Aug 13         Ana M.                Journal Club, by Ana Marques
Aug 6           CERC                  Welcome Stephanie Palmer
Jul 30           CERC                  Welcome Vince Repaci
Jul 9             Krishna T.           Journal Club, by Krishna Thakur
May 28        Adel E.                Conference Presentation, by Adel Elghafghuf
May 7          Ian D.                  Plotting coefficients, by Ian Dohoo
Apr 30         Henrik S.             Journal Club, by Adel Elghafghuf
Apr 9           Javier S.               Cattle tick in Uruguay, by Cecilia Miraballes